Hire Me

I can’t wait to work with you! I work both remotely and in person. My rates are typically minimum wage plus a small additional fee to cover business expenses. Contact me for more details and let’s talk.

Types of work I do:

House sitting & Pet sitting

I love pets and can provide an experienced, reliable eye on your home while you’re away. The best part is I don’t even need to live there! I can park my converted van in your driveway and make the place appear lived in. I can turn on/off lights, tend to houseplants and check on anything you need.

Personal Assistant

I love to help. Whether it’s fetching coffee or shredding paper or booking an appointment for you, every small task directly supports you achieving your goals. I’m a strong advocate for being nice to yourself so you won’t get any judgment from me for anything you want or need. I can assist both remotely or in person.


The google-fu is strong with this one. If research bores you, let me take care of it! I love to learn and will thoroughly embrace any subject you throw at me. Someone once requested I research bio compatible materials for a certain type of implant, and within an hour I had found the answer they had been seeking for weeks. My training comes from nearly a decade of my life cooped up alone with the internet. Trust me, I got this!

Writing & Editing

Written words are like oxygen to me. I breathe them like air. Whatever sort of writing you want done, let me take a crack at it and I swear you won’t be disappointed.

Need an editor or a second pair of eyes? I correct grammar, spelling, typos, punctuation and formatting errors. I can also provide the sort of feedback you can’t get elsewhere, like how a paragraph made me feel as a reader and is this the effect you’re going for? You won’t find that on Fiverr.


Cleaning makes me happy. Let me do that for you! I prefer non-toxic cleaners and am pretty darn skilled at using them effectively. I can use yours or bring my own for an additional charge to cover materials.

Odd Jobs

I’ve done a ton of odd jobs that aren’t even listed here. So if you need something done, please feel free to hit me up to find out if it’s up my ally.  For example, I change my own oil and could change yours, too. I also have good penmanship and could hand write your words onto that thank-you card for a personal touch. The sky’s the limit. Contact me!